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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How Many Jews in America Belong to a Synagogue? 38% of American Jewish Adults Belong to a Synagogue in United States

Many organizations have claimed that the percentage of Jews in America that belong to synagogues was about 30-40%. Many people have claimed that "70% of Jews in America are not affiliated with a congregation or synagogue." However, it's been tough to find this data point.

We needed to track down this figure recently, and contacted Synagogue 3000, that did a research study.

According to their Fall 2006 report, 38% of American Jewish adults belong to synagogues in the United States. And 62% of Jewish people (adults) in the US do not belong to a synagogue.

Broken down by denomination:
89% of Orthodox Jews (183,000 households) belong to a synagogue in the US, and exhibit a life-long committment to synagogue membership.

63% of Conservative Jews (295,000 households) belong to a synagogue in the US.  Conservative Jews start congregational membership with marriage and children, but stay members past the Bar and Bat Mitzvah of their children.

52% of Reform Jews (348,000 US households) belong to a synagogue in the US, and tend to leave synagogues after their children reach Bar and Bat Mitzvah age.

The study gives other details, including US Synagogue Membership by Age, and Households with Synagogue Members (by category).

We've posted a copy of the US Jewish Demographic report here:

How Many Jewish People Belong to Synagogues in the United States - Study


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