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Monday, July 6, 2009

Adventure Rabbi Summer Camp

Adventure Rabbi Summer Camp:

Back in the days of B.C. (before children) when people asked me when the Adventure Rabbi program would start doing children’s events, my answer was always, “When I have children.” Well, now that Jeff and I have two girls and are raising our own Jewish children in Boulder, Colorado you may have noticed we have added more kid’s events each year.

This year I am thrilled that we are putting on a one day family camp. How did that come to be?

Well, I frequently take my girls to event at the Boulder Jewish Community Center (Boulder JCC) and so when Shari Blake asked me if I would run a one time event of a day long family camp partnered with the Boulder JCC, I thought it was great idea. Together with her team of Beth Litz and Linda Lowenstein, we have put together a fabulous, one day, Jewish summer camp for families.

Take one look at our staff and the price ($36 per family) and you will realize something is strange. How did hire such fabulous talent like Peter Himmelman, Tommy Feldman (Director Mountain Day Camp), David Hansburg (Director Rocky Mountain Day Camp) Sydney Solis (Story Time Yoga), and Caroline Saliman if we are only charging $36 per family?

The answer is this retreat is the brain child of the 18 Pomegranates Foundation’s Dare to Dream project. 18 Pomegranates worked ceaseless for several years, hosting numerous focus groups and retreats, to determine what the Jewish community in Boulder was lacking. The answer was retreats. So 18 Pomegranates is funding this retreat, based on those focus groups. Glorious!

Meanwhile, we get to enjoy a day up in Ward, creating community, hiking, hanging out and listening to great music. It’s going to be quite the day. I’ll be sure to include lots of Judaism in nature teachings, eco-Judaism and help us use the time together to prepare for the upcoming High Holidays. (In case you are wondering, yes I can link archery, map and compass with Eco-Judaism and the High Holidays. Come and find out how!)

I hope you can join us. If you don’t have children come as a counselor. What a fun way to get outside for the day!

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