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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Third Step of Repentance

On our Rosh Hashanah retreat, I was asked how to prepare for the third step of repentance.

The steps are:

1) Acknowledge the sin and apologize.

2) Repair the damage or compensate the victim.

3) Don't repeat the offense in the same or similar situation.

Rabbi Tellushkin offers some advice to help us retrain ourselves. Based on the medieval Gates of Repentance (1:35) he writes, whatever faculty you used to sin, use it now to do good.

For example, "If your tongue lied, be exceeding careful to be truthful and use your mouth to speak words of loving-kindness. If you used your brain to deceive others, apply it now to find ways to help others." (You Shall Be Holy, p. 169)

See you on the trail!



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