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Monday, June 22, 2009

Boulder Jewish Events Site

For a long, long time, people have been asking for one common calendar for the Boulder Jewish community that allows everyone to see what's going on here in town.

We've created a simple site,, that allows you to see the common calendars for:
  • Adventure Rabbi
  • Aish Kodesh
  • Bonai Shalom
  • CU Hillel
  • Har HaShem
  • Nevei Kodesh
  • Pardes Levavot
The Boulder JCC's site is being redesigned, so we'll be able to link their calendar into the system soon as well.

We're excited to provide this new resource to the Boulder Jewish Community.
Here's a link to check out the site:


Blogger johnson said...

For a long time, folks have asked for a single calendar for the Boulder Jewish community that shows everyone what's going on in town. Continue your amazing work! I look forward to seeing more interesting facts from your perspective in the future. Thank you so much for your contribution!
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