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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Publisher's Weekly Features The God Upgrade, Rob Bell and Ashley Judd

Publisher's Weekly

My friends Rob Bell, Ashely Judd and I are reunited again. LOL

Well, we do appear in the same sentence in Publishers Weekly about authors who are interviewed on a very cool ap, “Call On Faith.”

Publisher’s Weekly writes, “Recent featured books include Love Wins by Rob Bell (HarperOne, Mar.); The God Upgrade by Jamie Korngold (Jewish Lights, Mar.); and All that is Bitter and Sweet by Ashley Judd (Ballantine, April).” (View entire article >>)

If you missed the interview they are referring to its pretty cool. I did it in NY in November. I talk about the creation of the Adventure Rabbi program and the importance of dialogue. My hair looks lousy but it’s a pretty sweet interview - watch it here >>


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