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Friday, May 6, 2011

Amazing Customer Service Story

Listen to this amazing (and totally fun!) story of what happened when I called Amazon customer service.

I wanted to change the way reviews were showing up on The God Upgrade page. For some reason, they were not in standard format using quotes and italics and it didn't look right.

I logged onto what is called Author Central on Amazon where an author can do all kinds of amazing things with their books, but alas, I couldn't figure out how to add "quotes." So, I clicked on the button that says "have a customer service rep call me."

In THREE second (literally!) my phone rang. "Hi this is Patrick with Amazon. How can I help you?" (Seriously? A real person and in 3 seconds?)

"Hi, my name is Jamie Korngold. I'm the author The God Upgrade." He asks me a couple of questions to make sure it is really the author and not some hacker and then he says,

"Didn't I hear you on the radio a couple of years ago? We're you on the show Too Jewish? Aren't you that camping rabbi?"

"Yes that was me!" (You can imagine my surprise. Meanwhile, in my mind I'm scrolling through all the radio shows I did for God in the Wilderness, my first book and am trying to figure out what show it was.)

He continued "I love Rabbi Cohon's show. " (With Rabbi Cohon's name I can figure out the show.)"

"He has a great show." I say.

Patrick continues: "Rabbi Cohon is in Tucson and I am in Illinois but I never miss a show. I loved your interview so much I listen to it on my ipod while I mow the lawn."

(Can you imagine my face while he is saying all this?)

And then he switches gears:

"Now how can I help you?"

And it won't surprise you dear reader to know he made those changes in about 2 seconds flat.


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