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Monday, June 21, 2010

A little bit of hate-mail via Facebook to the Adventure Rabbi

Every once in a while, we like to post the type of vitriolic hatemail we receive here at the Adventure Rabbi Program. This was from an off-the-wall person from Israel:


Blogger Nicole Hea said...

I wonder if you’re open to discussion
As the Rabbis and scholars of our history have always been
Or if you attack from behind a screen
Hoping never to look into the eyes of those you accuse

I wonder if you fear the God
That you so bravely speak for
Perhaps it is in your power to promise that Jews like me will suffer divine punishment
If that’s true, should I spend Yom Kippor consecrating at your feet?

I wonder what the Sabbath is that you refer to
Do you rest from your fear for me?
Or do you spend all seven days of our week certain –
That I am doomed to hell

I wonder what separates you from all of the other people who
Have heard about what my faith is
And assumed that they have the right
To feel happy knowing I’ll be punished in hell for it

I wonder if you’ve ever stood at the top of a mountain
One that you reached by foot
One that you poured your sweat and trust into
As you climbed over its rocks?

I wonder if you’ve ever slowed down to watch the journey of a bug
As it climbs over huge boulders
And quietly accepts its part of its earth
Seeking all of the happiness it can find

I wonder if you see yourself as completely separate from the Earth
Or if you feel your connectedness to it
I wonder if you pray as our first ancestors did
With a pure heart and an appreciation for the glory God shares with us in his home that we live on

I wonder if you’d be happy if you met me in heaven?
Or if you’d spend your days of bliss feeling slighted that I was allowed in?
I wonder if you make decisions about today
Or only in fear of an afterlife.

June 29, 2010 at 3:19 PM  

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