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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Last Chance to Save on Rosh Hashanah Tickets and Membership

Today is Your Last Chance to Save $50 on Membership and Rosh Hashanah Tickets.

If you want to join us for High Holidays and cost is a concern, the least expensive route is to join our congregation. With today's sale, membership is only:

Adult: $325
Teen: $236
Child: $180
Recent Graduates of Adv. Class: $141

You'll attend High Holidays for free, plus save on tuition, Hebrew tutoring and a plethora of other offerings! Plus, you support the unique work our community does.


Of course, you are also welcome to attend High Holidays as a guest. Until 10 pm tonight, Rosh Hashanah tickets are only $124/person. Register Here>>


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